Term 4 2015 Newsletter

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Message from the President:

Hello all,

Last term a new committee was elected and already we are being rewarded by passion, enthusiasm and ideas in full flow. The website is up and running and needs all to provide content. The buddy system for new members and master classes are happening. The new website has been instrumental in attracting a new member with, I am sure, more to follow. Unfortunately an injury occurred last Tuesday night which I believe required stitches to a hand cut. This is a wake-up call as it could have resulted in a more serious injury and thus all must be cognisant of the correct use of equipment. Simple rules- clamp if possible, mark wood before cutting and no other tools or material on or near machines. Ask for assistance from an experienced woodworker when you are not sure of the correct operating procedure. Overconfidence can also lead to accidents. Members will tell you I still ask for assistance in band saw use.

Enjoy the term, enjoy the weather and good woodworking.