Term 2 2016 Newsletter

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Hello all,

Last term was relatively short but there was still great activity from all “woodies”. We saw the
completion of an office desk, a mammoth project 12+ months in the making due to vehicle
accident mishap. What was pleasing to see, was members rallying to assist in completing this

The term project of a centre finder was addressed and a few interesting methods surfaced
that hadn’t been seen before. As you know, our website is up and running and we have
business cards all aimed at awareness and membership drive. If you feel you want to carry
some to assist in promoting the club, speak to Paul or Vic. We already have seen the benefit
of this club marketing activity with a new member attending. I recently established a
membership for the club at Paint Spot in Hoppers Crossing which entitles a level of discount,
so take note both of this and also you may have an opportunity to promote the club. So do
the same.

This the coming Autumn term the project will be- Salad Aids.

As always, work safe and follow guidelines as promoted and hope you have a great term.

Regards, Hugh