Term 1 2016 Newsletter

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Hello all,

2015 that was the year that was and upon reflection a lot of great pieces of craftsmanship were executed by members in a variety of ways – desks, dog beds, guitars, furniture restorations to name but a few. The website is now up and running we have had new members as a result of its publicity.

Just stop a moment, do you have anything to contribute – photos, articles, woodie profile. The last project of the year was card stands and Vic has now got the cards to go out to selected places for yet more marketing.

So what does 2016 have in store, well hopefully you have put on your thinking hats on the projects and skills you would like to progress this year. For myself it will be about developing further confidence in using the tools and thus continue my personal development on taking more on and having to depend less on others. On a serious note we work with tools than can hurt if used wrongly, we had a wake-up call late last year where a minor injury occurred. It is incumbent on all to support each other and do the right thing by your fellow members and club. If you see someone wrongly using equipment or looks like they need assistance step up and assist. In finishing have a good term and year, I will see you all mid-February.