The Guitar build journey by Hugh

I started at the club with no woodwork experience whatsoever. After learning the basics, I proceed to build a hallway table and a bedroom unit. These are now in full display and use at room, however, I was itching to do something for me, namely build a guitar.

Telecaster Build (1st Build)

This build was focused on making a Telecaster guitar body. I wasn’t experienced or brave enough to start building a neck so elected to buy one already made. I got great assistance from fellow club members in the making of the body which was made from King Billy Pine. Whilst it was wood that was available incredibly pleased with the lightness and the sound properties in the finished guitar. These photos give a brief glimpse in to the journey and the finished product.

Semi-hollow guitar build

Following the success of the 1st I thought why not build a neck. If it doesn’t work out I can always buy one. This build I wanted to build in the style of a Gibson ES335 and further have a go at building a neck. I wouldn’t have actioned this without the great assistance of fellow members. The photos hopefully give you an insight in to the journey undertaken. Was I happy with the result – yes although I know areas where improvements can be made and thus have just started yet another build. One can’t have too many axes.

So what didn’t I do

For final set-up I used a guitar technician, Bill at Underground Music Werribee, to make the guitars totally playable, and I’m not disappointed in them.

What else?

There are some special tools required and I was fortunate that other members had these available and assisted me in their use.

Are they expensive?

I would say don’t embark on a guitar build if you think it is going to save you money. Recognise you are putting an enormous amount of effort in to making a good guitar, you want and will pay for equally good equipment on it.